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January 11th, 2010 at 2:18 am

Sta-Rite© – Pool and Spa Pump Motor Replacement – Page 1

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Note that the purpose of this section is to show you how to remove & install a Sta-Rite ® P2R Series Pool and Spa pump motor and seal kit.    While every effort is made to be sure that virtually all areas of complexity are covered, you may find it more difficult or sometimes easier to accomplish this task.  Use common sense.  If the pump that you have on your pool or spa is a lot different from what is depicted here, then do not use these instructions.   

Safety Warnings!
Remove Power from the spa/hot tub BEFORE performing thisprocedure.  Failure to comply with this requirement, can lead toelectrical shock and/or electrocution!

Theinstructions here are intended for general reference only.   Many pumpsare different from the one depicted here, and may require more or lessmechanical effort or knowledge in order to achieve the desiredresults.

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Sta-Rite Pool Pump This example of pump seal replacement is on a Sta-Rite Duraglas ® pool pump.  There are three versions of seals/seal kits available.  The most inexpensive is the #200 seal set, show below.  The most extensive kit available from Sta-Rite Industries is a complete rebuild kit, containing all components internal to the wet end.
Available at SpaPartsNet.Com
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Remove the securing band Clamp is removed
After Removing power from the unit, The first thing that must be done is to remove the securing band around the pump. This simply unscrews counter-clockwise.
With the clamp nut removed, the band must be removed, carefully that is, taking care not to put any kinks or bends in the stainless steel band itself.
  Pump is separated The Sta-Rite pump is designed to be split from the suction and discharge plate, without having to disturb the plumbing.

Remove the power wires from the back of the motor Removing wiring
Here, I have to disconnect the power wires and the conduit from the back of the motor. In this installation, I have removed the pump first, sat it in my lap to prevent damage to the diffuser, and then worked on the wiring. Depending on the installation, this can be accomplished as the first step instead of the second.
Removing the pump diffuser
Since I've got the pump in my lap already, after I removed the wiring, I just flipped it over and removed the diffuser.

  Stopping Armature Rotation More graphic example
After putting the pump on a suitable work surface, comes the interesting part. In order to remove the impeller, the back of the motor armature MUST be stopped from rotating. Note that this procedure will not apply to your motor if you have the larger 56 frame version. In that case, you stop the rotation of the armature with a pair of vice grips through the access hole in the back, or the special tool designed by the motor manufacturer.

In this case, we have an uprated 48 frame style motor. The ONLY safe way to do this, without destroying the spring loaded centrifugal switching mechanism, is to line up a large screwdriver flat along the side of the spring mechanism attached to the armature, an then the anchor point at the top rim of the motor. The left image shows the screwdriver properly inserted into position, the right shows the line up... the arrow points to the top anchor point. Your motor may or may not be like this, so you must use common sense.
Front view of the screwdriver anchor Unscrew the impeller
Here you can see the screwdriver lined up from the front.  
Removing the impeller is usually easy at this point, I simply grab the front of it, and rotate it counter clockwise. Note that some versions of Sta-Rite pumps have a center screw in the impeller which must be removed first. If so, remember that this screw is LEFT-HAND threaded!
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